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Understanding Text & Social Analytics for Research & Insights

Understanding Text & Social Analytics for Research & Insights

Understanding Text & Social Analytics for Research & Insights

People should anticipate about the way people live and communicate nowadays. Therefore, the LT Accelerate speakers keen to concern on Social media interaction which produces text, voice, and picture in digital form. Social media is the best place for everyone to explore anything especially for those who run a company and they need to explore and observe customers. There, they can understand what customers want even sometimes they could find the pattern and turning it into a strategy for marketing. They get into the pattern and then they will analyze the data to make sure that it could be a big data for marketing. Such observation could be called as text analysis. It takes time to process information from the sources such from social media, the contents made by the users, forums post and more. It is not easy to analyze the whole thing which is happening in social media. While, computers used to be not able to handle and process human language because of idiosyncrasies, subjectivity and nuance. Then, technology has increase a lot and it does happen to text analytics.


Text and social analytics could be so helpful for marketing in technology era when everything could be online and people interact a lot in social media. Understanding text and social analytic could be started from how you will target the customers. Make a pattern from their text and process data then turn it into common strategy that could be applied in every form of marketing. You could process it into your contents, your engine and more. If it is possible, some big companies have already AI technology to analyze text and social pattern by the customers to get the perfect pattern and get into it to make precise analysis and implement the strategy to the real marketing. Then, in which form? Text and social analytic could be done for research and insights. What contents that could lead more insights? Analyze and analyze. Never neglect the facts about your contents including the rejection of the targeted customers. You could evaluate and make conclusion to overcome the analysis.


Understanding text and social analytic is not easy, but you could get everything about it in LT Accelerate 2019. What you will get from there is not only about how text and social analytic would lead you to sensitive and precise marketing target but also best conversion from insights to ROI through good press release distribution where you could make unique contents and give to the professional distribute. Press release distribution service now has changed into vital part in marketing because it relates to the impact of the distribution. They distribute based on their research and make sure that it will give the impact. The reason why it is so vital is because of its existence. Press release distribution has changed the media industry into such ultra competitive to get flawless marketing strategy that no one will be able to hit the level because there are so extraordinary analytic and everything. Make sure you give a visit and listen all magical topics that will change your perspective about marketing technology.



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