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Lipika Key//

Global Senior Consultant at Kantar TNS


Personal Bio//

Lipika is working as Global Senior Consultant at the global market research consultancy TNS. She joined the company in 2011. As an expert in Customer Relationship management and transactional research she provides worldwide consultancy to clients and colleagues in the Customer Strategies Practice. She holds a University degree in Psychology in combination with Economics.

Presentation title:
How emotions drive customer relationships – a case study about personal banking in the US
Presentation description:
In a partnered survey between Kantar TNS and Heartbeat AI Technologies (Canada) personal banking in the US was investigated to find out if and how emotions drive customer relationships with banks. Kantar TNS launched a survey to evaluate 5 US banks regarding their performance and the customers’ preference for a bank using TNS’ one number KPI – the TRI*M Index. HEARTBEAT used its emotion text analytics application to extract emotions from survey open-ends. Data showed that personal banking is far from being an unemotional affair, and that higher TRI*M ratings for banks correlate with Love, Joy and Trust, while lower performing ones – with Sadness, Anger and Fear. Emotion analytics is a new powerful tool to help CX experts understand the “why” behind customer loyalty.