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The Importance to Understand Language Technology on Marketing

The Importance to Understand Language Technology on Marketing

The Importance to Understand Language Technology on Marketing

The world is growing rapidly. Yet, it doesn’t stop at the word “growing”, but it also changes. One of the important issue that the speakers of LT Accelerate will highlight is about the the role of Language technology in the future marketing program. Language technology has been essential thing in digital era since it relates to almost everything happening on the internet and behind internet. People now have taken ultra seriously on technology including language technology that now is much needed in marketing. That is why there is no wonder from us to see the importance of it for marketing because it could give best marketing strategy, could tell a problem and the solution based on the data collected by technology through its language that could be created by humans through computer technology then it will be formed into machine that could analyze and draw the pattern based on language data collected from targets like social media and other platforms. Humans basically are born with greatest talent to acquire and understand language. From there, the machine requires a system that could process data from grammar, vocabulary and semantic especially. After all it will be defined in certain pattern that could be interpreted well through marketing strategy. Once, you could implement the strategy based on computed research on language, you could hand a big success in marketing and allow more powerful chances to boost the marketing strategy you currently have. That is why understanding language technology could be so impactful and how does it work? What is that actually?

After all, it is commonly known as natural language processing which is made from the combination of grammatical approaches and linguistic learnt by the machines. Many big companies have taken this NLP as the biggest opportunity and make it as billion dollar business. Then why is it so relevant to marketing? Language technology had been used long time ago in law enforcement and had successfully indentified entity in documents. It includes to the things like places, events, names and also the events. All of them are identified based on linguistic or grammatical context that allows intersection documents, cases and everything in social media could be easily generated and useful for data mining. This mining is a big data that could be used for marketing and somehow becomes so powerful because the close and sensitive relation to the data. The language technology and its data could not be separated from sentiment analysis because the data collected from the AI could be analyzed through sentiment analysis as one of the most relevant analysis for drawing exact and precise marketing strategy.

The result will be implemented on the contents of advertising and also the press release. Another follow-up topic from language technology is the implementation to press release and its distribution. We have known how distribution and the service have changed media industry. People should get deep research and knowledge on strategy in creating press release and distribution. Media industry connects well to press release distribution service to make perfect marketing strategy including the publication for the ads and the press release itself. To understand on how language technology could be so helpful to marketing and press release distribution, get to know it on LT Accelerate and you could also get more programs from various experts as the speakers in LT Accelerate 2019.



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