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How Company Should See Conversational Interaction For Business

How Company Should See Conversational Interaction For Business

How Company Should See Conversational Interaction For Business

Every business now has been concerning on customer’s point of view. The stronger relationship between business and the consumers, the bigger your company will be because strong relationship could lead to loyalty and good branding. That is why LT Accelerate tends to discuss about this issue on the upcoming conference. Business that is seen from customer’s point of view usually has effective both on sales and marketing. It is not all about how much money you earn from there, but it is about how you win and get the loyal customers from good and prepared interaction. The more natural interaction, the better your connection with the customer will be. Now everything could get connected including company and its customers. However, an interaction doesn’t only stop on real interaction between customer service of the company and the customers but also on how your system could have conversational interaction for more effective business connection. The term conversational interaction in business mostly taken as real interaction that should be from two humans or more. It is beyond of real interaction but also reaching to conversational business which is about having additional system like speech-based assistant and messaging apps with the customers. Do you think it is effective than human interaction? If it is seen from financial reason, then it is more effective.

It is one of the best ways to create space and automated communication that could cover at least half of whole problems that will be brought by the customers to the company. To get powerful and useful conversational interaction for business, company should know the principles of conversational business. First, they have to understand well on where to get impactful conversational interaction. Chat-based or voice help could add the value of your company but it doesn’t always work well in every kind of problems. You still need to cover unexpected problems coming from the customers that the machine might not be able to handle through chat-based service. Thus, it is important to know the audience. Learn what they want to have, what they need how to get the best engagement with them. Then, you could choose the best device and platform to get it. You also need to create conversation contents so there will be more engagements from there. After that, you could get their context and understand their preferences. To get it all, you could do for bot and humans. The combination of them could give better result that you only do one of them.

It might sound hard to understand everything related to language technology, marketing, emotions of the customers and also conversational interaction for business. It sounds so complicated, but luckily for getting holistic knowledge about technology and analysis for business, LT Accelerate 2019 could be your best option as the conference will give deep explanation about them and one of them is the implementation also about how press release will be so good if it is based on the analysis from all of those topics such as language technology and analysis from conversational interaction because press release is the primary steps before everything gets published and reacted. Thus, the distribution and the service for it is also important for marketing. Get to know everything in LT Accelerate.



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