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A Fine Sentiment Analysis Could Lead Marketing to Success

A Fine Sentiment Analysis Could Lead Marketing to Success

A Fine Sentiment Analysis Could Lead Marketing to Success

Are you interested in business analysis, technology, social and big data for marketing? This year, there will be another big conference for deep discussion about all of those topics. LT Accelerate 2019 is best conference for technologist and business analyst who put big concern on such important topic in digital era. One of the most essential thing in marketing in digital era is sentiment analysis that could capture the mixed feelings from the customers and then draw it into marketing conclusion and could be implied for further goals. One of the biggest factors in business is the marketing and how company handles their costumers. Good marketing could lead to the fast growth of the company. Good marketing strategy is not created based on imaginations and theories that everyone might get from their college but it takes progressive research that could follow a competitive marketing in digital era. Marketing research is just one of processes done by the company to get the best result and conversion.

Start from how company connects to the customers from the information which company have indentified and decide the chance and overcome the problems in marketing process. Steps in marketing research are on how company defines the problems, needs, and data collecting method, the sample analysis, instruments and the report to make further action after the research. Company should do it fast and make sure that it could be interpreted well in many forms of marketing including in press release and also contents for advertising. It starts with sentiment analysis to define the first action before further research. Sentiment analysis could be used as complementary research in marketing research but the impact could be beyond expectation because when you do it right, you could get surprise from your own research and get big decision from that. It could be done using interview, survey, focus group discussion and more. Make it more objective and less subjective to get precise and best data for your action.  The need of sentiment analysis is undeniable.

Since it is done through computation, the data collection and analysis will be processed by the computer too. Then, it could decide how sentiment is impactful to something in marketing. From there, you could interpret the conclusion to product of marketing such good advertising, good press release and the right distribution. Connecting to media takes deep consideration as it needs to know the credibility of media that you may need another research to choose best media to send your information to the customers. Another essential thing that you could take from sentiment analysis discussion in LT Accelerate is the implementation in press release and its distribution that now has been a vital thing and taken by press release distribution service. It’s been seen from how it has changed media industry and become a magnet from many public relations that now also concern on distribution and the service. Come to LT Accelerate that could explain a lot about how sentiment analysis could lead to success in marketing through right press release and its distribution.

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