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Susanne Weber is the Language Technology Producer at BBC News Labs, London, U.K. She leads a team of developers and editors to design an innovative production tool which incorporates computer-assisted translation and Text-To-Speech voice synthesis. Susanne is also the BBC's project lead for the H2020 EU funded project SUMMA. This collaborative project will build a multi-media monitoring platform and incorporates automatic speech recognition and machine translation. She graduated in English and America Studies at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. In 2001, Susanne completed her training as Studio Manager at the BBC and worked as sound engineer in BBC World Service radio and television until 2015.


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Speech and Language Technologies for Media Processing
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The abundance of digital platforms makes information available in a great number of languages, and the expectation of users to be able to consume media in their own language is growing. International broadcasters such as the BBC and Deutsche Welle increasingly reach out to their global audiences in multiple languages. As a result, content creation, monitoring and content delivery are heavily dependent on the availability of speech and language technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation. In this panel we want to discuss the state of the art of available language technologies for media processing and look at the challenges for low resourced languages.