Alain Couillault

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0033 1 43 72 96 52
Personal Bio

Former Product manager for software companies selling KM solutions. I want to join companies willing to optimize the management of their knowledge asset. I hold a PhD in Computational Linguistics. Specialties: computational linguistics, automated translation, product management, knowledge management, linguistique et informatique, traduction automatique, CRM, veille, KM, market intelligence, marketing, computer science

Presentation title: 
Analytics and Decision Making from Heterogeneous Content
Presentation description: 
The GFII is the French Association gathering companies from the various sectors of the professional information industry, including scientific and legal publishers, press companies, information producers, information brokers, information users, dedicated software and service companies. Variety is one of the major aspects of Big Data: high volumes of information are available in heterogeneous formats, in an expanding number of languages, on several several types of media... In this context, decision making, at any level, requires to be able to capture and analyze varied information and render the results in usable forms. The panel will present use cases illustrating decision making from different types of information sources.